Digital design requires a particular skill set. The technology and the canvas keep changing providing increasingly complex challenges. It’s one thing to call yourself a designer and have an eye for detail, balance and style but I feel it is 10 years of experience in web & mobile that has given me the ability to really specialise and understand digital design.

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Not Just a Designer

Understanding code and building sites from the ground up gives one a critical, if not essential, advantage as a digital designer as you are acutely aware of the particular requirements, limitations and indeed the potentials within digital design. I often prefer to cut-up and code my own design work as it is at that stage where the critical attention to pixel detail is lost.

Digital Design

Art & design have always been a strength for me. Experience has given me the ability to really understand visual literacy – to know what is the appropriate language for a given context.

Wordpress & Drupal Development

I started developing with WordPress & Drupal 10 years ago to accomplish my own online ideas as well as those of my clients. This has given me the experience to build (and code) complex website solutions from the ground up.


Coding front-end design is immensely rewarding for me. It satisfies the perfectionist in me, and allows me to scrutinise down to the last pixel. I particularly love the challenge of responsive design.

UX / User Experience

I am never content making things look good unless they make sense to me. I am a stickler for clear, logical and captivating narrative and user experience. At the end of the day, design is really about clear and logical communication of ideas and less about art.



  • Jacky Sargeant - Tech and UX manager, M&CSaatchiAbel

    What I enjoy most about working with Andrew is his incredible eye for detail and that each and every element in his designs is considered and thought through resulting in beautiful crafted work.

  • Mark Preyer - Founder, Go2Africa.com

    Andy is one of those rare people that brings a holistic approach to web design. He is equally comfortable with both the “right brained” creative and the “left brained” analytical aspects. Not only is he comfortable with them – he excels at both! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a state-of-the-art web designer.

  • Neil Harrison - Project Manager, Homechoice

    Having had a number of failed attempts with “design experts” I thought I would never find the right person – then I luckily was introduced to Andy. If you need someone who is at the forefront of digital design, who offers a multitude of skills in web and mobile design you shouldn’t go any further.

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